lyrics : Indira HENNI


But it's never too late to reveal this grand secret

That's been haunting you for years

Bring out to the light of day

Your pains and your sufferance

Your broken life and stolen youth

Once and for all

Let me speak 

Oh oh oh let me tell you of

The days of doubt and atrocious fear

Those moments lost and at wits end when

Your own body doesn't belong to you any more

Oh oh oh 


Nothing can be forgotten

But you have to erase

These heavy moments and 

Escape to somewhere else

Much better

That gives back your desire to live

Breathe and build another future

Let me speak

Let me let me scream

Down deep inside

How many times 

I thought I'd die

Try to escape

Not to undergo once again

oh oh oh

Let me speak 

Let me say

Some day  

You have to bring to to light

Your sufferance's 

And save your youth

And at last see your nightmares vanish

Oh oh oh I've told you
Oh oh oh let me dream